We are committed to people and the environment. This is why all our ingredients come from sustainable, respectful, Fairtrade and responsible sources.


Our sugar is always Fairtrade. Always.


The cane sugar we use is also organic.


We only use seasonal fruit and vegetables helping the environment to be balanced.


We produce each of our jams and marmalades following the traditional open pan method. Grandma's recipes are the essence of our being.  


We invest in our community buying from local producers, farmers and shops across Devon and Cornwall.

Our jars are also purchased from small retailers and come from recycled glass.


We minimize our packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible. All our boxes and paper are recycled or come from FSC certified companies. We don't use any single use plastic.


Everything at The Tiny Marmalade Co. is made with love and care.


Because you deserve it.


If you want to know more about our ingredients, special dietary needs, higiene food rating, labelling and regulations please click here.

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