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  • Sangria


    Sangria is a delicious fruit-based wine "punch" with its traditional heritage well rooted in Spain. Typically, sangrias are made with red wine, fresh, seasonal fruit, cinnamon, brandy and a bit of  citrus juice.

    Summery fruits make this Sangria Jam feel like the holidays in a jar. Perfect over baked brie, in thumbprint cookies, or on toast.

    Ingredients: strawberries (5%), apples (30%), mixed berries(3%), red wine (15%), oranje juice (7%), brandy (5%), cinnamon (5%), fair trade sugar (30%).


      Please note that product consistency, texture and colour may vary as all of them are produced in small batches.

    • WE ARE TINY!

      All our jars are 45gr.


      We do everything to ensure that your order reaches you promptly. If you need your item quickly, please contact us and we'll do our best to meet your deadline.

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