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Labelling, Food Handling and Food Traceability

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All our products are strictly handled and processed under UK Food standards legislation: The Food Safety Act 1990,  The General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002, and The General Food Regulations 2004.


We are fully compliant with regards to Hygiene, Health, Safety, Presentation, Traceability, Recall and Notification UK Regulations.


We are also registered and compliant with the Safer Food Better Business UK Government scheme.


Our staff is fully H&S trained and our kitchen (walls, floors, ceilings and kitchen units; surfaces and equipment; storage facilities an utensils) is cleaned and desinfected daily before and after the preserving process in order to ensure the maximum cleanliness. Appropiate working clothes are used as well within the whole process.


Our kitchen and processes has been inspected by the local authorities and we have gained the maximum score since 2013.


Our Marmalades are labelled following the descriptions set out in the Jam and Similar Products (England) Regulations 2003. These include compositional requirements such as minimum fruit and sugar requirements and specific labelling requirements such as labelling the amount of fruit and sugar in a jam or marmalade.


All our recipes are free from nuts, eggs, artificial flavours and dairy products. They are also gluten free. Nevertheless, as they're home made, we cannot guarantee they're free from allergens traces.


We keep a record of the procedence of all the fruit, vegetables and sugar we use in each of our preserves.


All our recipes are suitable for vegetarians.


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