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Custard Apple – Chirimoya


This Custard Apple jam is a treat to eat. Ripe Tropical Chirimoyas, personally brought from my home town in the South of Andalusia, are softly preserved to create a delicious spread that will delight you.


Perfect in toast. Amazing as a cake filling.

Olives Pate


A healthy, rich and full of mediterranean spread made from Spanish green olives and seasoned with spices and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Spread on bread or sandwiches. Toss with pasta or use to season fish. Can be also used as a dip with crackers or vegetables.

Spanish Pisto


Simple but tasty dish cooked and served all over Spain. Fresh vegetables stewed in a extra virgin olive oil fried tomato and onion sauce.


Enjoy them topped with fried eggs and with a couple of cured ham slices. Some crisps and a iced beer will make this preserve one of your favourite.

Sharon Fruit


Make breakfast extra special this weekend with this delicious and sweet Sharon Fruit jam.


Perfect for your morning toast or muffins.

Prickly pear


A gorgeously colored, flavorful cactus jam made with Canary Island´s prickly pears.


An spreadable delightful that goes well with everything.




Tropical and flavorful Cuban style jelly made with fresh sweet and sour guavas and golden soft sugar.


Like a guava jelly,

here I stand,

come rub it 'pon me belly,

Like a guava jelly.                                                                                                                    Bob Marley.

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Jams, Jams, oh-much-loved Jams

More than 60 different flavours have been available so far at The Tiny Marmalade. Some of them may come back. Some of them may not. But all of them were special, beloved and contributed to make somebody’s breakfast unique. Here is our tiny tribute to all our Tiny Pots.


Here is a list of some of our very little edition jam flavours that would sadly not longer be available in our shop.


See something you would like to see alive in our shop again? Any flavours suggestion? Just drop us an email and let us know.